What are people saying about Ken Blackman?

Hi Ken 🙂

It’s been the most miraculous 18 hours since we talked…

Something deep shifted in our two hours with you. Actually a lot of things, some of which I’m aware of, others which will probably reveal themselves in time.

For the first time ever, I am 100% IN to this relationship. The “we had a disagreement about family vision and can’t be together” escape route is off the table. Closing off that back door once and for all and fully committing to this relationship makes me really happy.

– I’m no longer getting triggered by M all the time. Much of the distortion that we identified has been washed away. I’m just enjoying discovering who she really is and know in my bones that it’s going to continue to get better and better.

– What you said about how you’ve known me as someone who’s had plenty of freedom and loneliness touched something deep in me. I get that I’m being invited to step into a whole new world of connection, that M was delivered to me to usher me into that world, and I feel like the luckiest man alive.

Thank you for your generosity, your love, and your exceptional skill. It means the world to me & us, and I can quite honestly say that what you gave to us in those two hours will change the entire course of our relationship. When we hit those inevitable moments of “red,” your voice and face will be there in my mind to talk me off the ledge.


Hi Ken. So, just to share, [my boyfriend] and I had an AMAZING weekend. So connected, loving, honest and incredibly HOT!


In as short as two ten minute conversations Ken was able to identify a pattern I had created in my relationship that was holding me back. If he can create that kind of insight in that little time I can’t even comprehend what he could shift over the course of hours and months.


When I studied Orgasmic Meditation with Ken Blackman for my latest book I was at first terrified to meet him because of his reputation for being the best in his field. But when I did work with him I discovered that, like all masters, he makes what many find impossibly difficult profoundly simple. He is a man of enormous gentleness, humility and intelligence and understands women’s bodies better than most of us do ourselves. Or at least that was so with me and with all the other women I know that he has helped. By gently asking simple questions he was able to sense what my body wanted that I didn’t even know or understand myself. He respects boundaries impeccably and his understanding of sexuality is world class. If you are fortunate enough to be able to get even fifteen minutes with Ken Blackman – take it.

Isabel LosadaBestselling Author, "Sensation: Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter"

Ken has an exceptionally refined ability to listen. Deeply. Like, not just to my words, but to the energies, emotions and shadows infusing them. Combined with his keen intellect, and his vast array of knowledge/experience about love, sex and relationships, Ken offers a rarified clarity when it comes to the otherwise murky waters of interpersonal romance.

I find Ken’s insight to be very grounding, refreshingly sane. He holds a space of unconditional acceptance, and clear, agenda-free curiosity/interest. When I’m talking to Ken, I feel like he truly gives a shit, like he actually cares about the health and success of my relationship.

Mostly though, I find myself emboldened by Ken’s optimism, by his faith in both my partner and me to ride the waves of our karma and our shadows, as well as our love and our connection, and to hold steady in the knowledge that all is aligned, and that we are right on track, despite the challenges we are facing. I appreciate Ken’s frankness, as well as the simple and accessible tools and practices he recommends, which – when it comes right down to it – have been nothing short of a Godsend.


For me to say just how knowledgeable Ken is in the realms of sensuality and progressive communication and connection would start a stampede to his coaching practice. I save the title of Master for very few people in the world. Ken is a Master at what he does. When someone wants information on sensual techniques, and wants to gain freedom in an area of relationship and/or gender dynamics, Ken is one of the first people I recommend. I trust his wisdom deeply.


Ken Blackman is one of a kind with his coaching style and abilities.  His depth of knowledge around relationship dynamics and his abundant curiosity get results fast.  His guidance with me and my relating has changed me forever in ways that not only help my romantic relationship, but professional and personal relationships.


Ken Blackman is a coach without peer and an extraordinary person I’ve had the distinct privilege and good fortune to find.

Ken was brave and willing to jump in and meet me, take me on as a client, and help me move quickly to a very different place of action, agency and change. Over the last 5 months of regular coaching with him I have found great strength and reconnected with the best parts of myself and others I had for gotten even existed and where right there to meet me.

Ken works in a completely original style that for me established trust and grounding, humor and positive connection from our first session.

I have recommended him to some of my closest friends who I know love working with him and are as grateful as I am for his brilliant clarity, kindness, personal direction, and most of all the feeling of being deeply seen.


Ken leads with all of his senses, able to meet you where you are while keeping you at your edge. With an uncommon openness, he is able to assess whatever territory is presenting – whether one-on-one or with a couple – and turn it into an opportunity for growth and understanding. Because he’s done his own work so impeccably, he can stand in the fire of whatever is occurring and burn with you. He is a master of relating, able to capture, convey, and capitalize on the nuance of reality. All while being an incredibly likable human being. 


Ken is a deep, humble, and open man. Beneath his quiet and unassuming demeanor are a highly sensitive and well-tuned heart and a whip-smart mind, that allow him to travel with us on every level: not only intellectually and emotionally, he’s even able to feel the physical sensations in our bodies over a skype call. We’ve had sessions on life decisions, practical help with our sexuality and sensuality, and coaching on relationship, and it’s all been of pretty exquisite quality. In short, Ken is a gem.


Ken Blackman is brilliant in his insight and intuition. He has been helping me immensely to work through deeply ingrained blocks in communication and relating. His clarity, compassion and practical approaches to coaching are precisely what I need at this time in my growth. His coaching has been so incredibly effective for me. It never fails that each time we have a session, I feel a sense of clarity and perspective that brings me right to the source of the thing that needs to be worked through. He has a masterful way at piercing through to the thing that needs to be said or looked at. His ability to work with me on an equal level has inspired within me such new heights of personal perspective, self-empowerment and personal responsibility. I feel like I can see more clearly all the pieces to some very complex puzzles. And I feel excited about the direction we each decide to go in together at each session. He tells it like it is. And his honesty is always delivered cleanly and compassionately. I feel like I have been able to progress so far with Ken in just a short amount of time. I’m recommending him to several of my friends. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do!


Ken Blackman is an articulate succinct life coach who guides folks with wisdom, humor, and superb communication skills. He cares deeply about his clients. He is a role model for standing up as a grown up successful male in our culture. He is authentic and works diligently to live as an ignited man.

He is very kind in verbalizing difficult concepts in easy to understand words and ideas.

His methods of teaching are unique in that he he doesn’t waste words. He pays excellent attention, is a fine capable listener, who strives to support and encourage willingness and inspire others to live at their highest level.

He models challenging one’s self while accepting being confronted and validates the process of expanding one’s muscle capability to build endurance and extending our reach metaphorically, spiritually, and literally. Having a life coach who is so very concerned with personal growth is a joy and a pleasure.

I hold Ken Blackman in reverence and praise as well as feeling gratitude for his contribution to my own “personal best” in development of my self esteem and self-confidence.

Because of Ken and others with whom he worked, I have begun moving in a new paradigm of self acceptance and “joie de vivre”.


What if, regarding sex and relationship, you could:
willingly admit what you don’t know and ask for help,
express the things that feel shameful that you’re convinced should be pushed deep down because you’ve long believed they’re wrong,
freely express desires as they arise without fear of loss or retribution,
playfully try things that seem almost foolish,
freely move from the tender and soft to the dark and charged,
accept yourself with all of this while equally accepting anyone else who disagrees with or judges you for it?

How would life change? I’m finding out and I’m becoming a man I never thought possible.

Tim Taylor

Ken Blackman has a seemingly boundless depth of knowledge and experience combined with a gentle teaching style that makes his group classes and private coaching enjoyable and effective. I took all the OneTaste course on Orgasmic Meditation and practiced it daily for a few years before I took the Practice II and Practice III courses led by Ken. I had my doubts about what more I could learn. But found that every course was a precious gem that helped me connect the dots in my understanding about this powerful transformative practice. My greatest surprise was when I took a one hour private coaching session with Ken as a makeup for one of the practice class that I missed. I learned as much in that one session as I had learned in a year of group classes. Highly recommended!


Not only does he have a vast theoretical and experiential knowledge of his field, I found him almost supernaturally intuitive and sensitive to what I needed to grow in the realm of intimacy and connection. Having also taken several group classes with Ken, he was able to hold in a grounded and yet light-hearted way the sometimes intense energies of the group. On top of that, he is just a good guy- kind, trustworthy, and encouraging. I look forward to working with him again.


Ken Blackman is an amazing teacher, an incredible business coach and he educates to such a level that one can be his peer. Ken gives everything he does his all and then stretches a bit more to eek out those last few nuggets of genius. I owe a great deal of what I know about coaching, training and having far better relationships inside and outside of the workplace to this man.


Ken Blackman is an excellent teacher. He has an immense knowledge on the subjects he teaches, and his high spirit and creative mind bring a fun atmosphere to the classroom. He is attentive, focused, and is willing to think out of the box to make things as enjoyable for the students, as well as create a more thorough educational experience. In addition, he is hard working, and willing to do what is necessary in order to enhance the experience for the client(s).


Ken’s communication and listening skills have continued to impress me over the years. He has an uncanny ability to break down highly abstract concepts, as well as a talent for understanding client needs around sensitive relationship topics.


Ken Blackman is a brilliant, subtle coach and teacher who tunes in flawlessly to the needs and desires of those around him. A thread of deep sincerity runs through everything he does and says. His coaching and teaching have been invaluable to me on many levels.