“Ken is worth every penny. You just have to decide what your relationship is worth to you—if you’re willing to invest the time, the money, and the energy into it.

“Before working with Ken, we were under a lot of pressure. I was in a long funk. We were in no shape to conceive. It became clear that our business was going to fail and we weren’t going to have a baby. We were on a downward trajectory.

Within the first session, Ken identified what the problem was and what to do. I was out of my funk and on the upward from that. We doubled our happiness level. We got married and got pregnant while coaching with Ken. We got through the wedding without any stress or conflict. Our business has exploded. We have our house. We’re making more money than we ever had.

“Everything we have now with our business, baby, and life is due to the work we did with Ken.

If you decide it is worth it, Ken will be a very powerful orchestrator for you. There’s nobody better.”