“Ken helped us tune into what was already there and what we could not see. He is kind, compassionate, and totally non-judgemental.

“Our life was pretty crazy, and when life gets crazy, you often don’t make your relationship a priority. It made our relationship tense; we hadn’t had sex in almost a year, and we felt really far apart.

“We both wanted to be together but didn’t know how to tackle the sexual aspect of our problems. We had never spoken to anyone about our sex lives, and we were afraid it would be embarassing beyond measure, or that Ken might ask us to do things we weren’t comfortable with. 

“Our time with Ken allowed us to work through those hard times. He taught us basic and profound mechanisms for meeting each other in an intimate, safe, and ever-deepening way. I was surprised to discover my own desire and my own body, and how little I really understood about it, perhaps as little as my husband did. Ken taught me to listen to my body and that I am always right about what I need.

“I was also surprised by my own voice, hearing it and learning to speak up. I now ask for what I want and have the ability to create containers of space where I feel safe. I was surprised to discover this aspect of my power. Ken can help you and your partner discover (or rediscover)  your love, desire, and joy—personally and in the relationship.