“I began to understand at a much deeper level how to build true intimacy

“When I sought Ken out to work with him, I was looking to build an intuitive, felt, and embodied sense of freedom in relationship with another person.

“Despite having done extensive inner work, relationships often had me feel trapped or hooked, and so I erred on the side of staying single most of the time to avoid the rollercoaster.

“I wanted to feel like I owned my own sensuality and not be as reliant on the way others showed up in order to be fully expressed. I wanted to understand how to harness these deep experiences I’d had in my body no matter who I was with, and to also be able to guide a partner to tune into me intuitively so that we could reach those depths together.

“During, and especially after, my work with Ken, I began to understand at a much deeper level how to build true intimacy, with myself first, and then with a partner. I made internal shifts that changed the types of partners I attracted. I learned how to put closer attention on my own subtle cues with his guidance.

“Ken can effortlessly neutralize something like sex and relationship—normally a very charged topic. His approach and intrinsic integrity make him easy to trust.

“I recommend him highly, especially to couples wanting to anchor into a deeper level of connection, and to individual men and woman who are seeking to gain mastery around their sex and capacity for intimacy.”