Coaching for Couples Seeking Deeper Connection

You probably have a dream around your life, career, home, appearance, and finances – and there’s nothing wrong with having a vision you want to manifest.

But you may have found the “manifesting my dream” approach doesn’t translate well to your relationships.

People are too complicated and messy to fit perfectly into another person’s perfect ideal. So instead, we try to compromise with our partners, which leads to a lack of intimacy and trust.

True connection comes from co-creation, not compromise.

When you and your partner bring your own relationship templates to the table, someone will have to give something up to make it work. Compromise happens when we lean on our individual visions and expect our partner to comply.

You and your partner don’t have to compromise on sex, intimacy, career, family, marriage, or anything else.

The two of you are the ideal ingredients for a thriving, unique, long-lasting, fantastic relationship. But not if you’re working from the wrong recipe.

Instead, you can trade in your conflicting, preconceived visions for a new, co-created vision that you couldn’t have known was possible before you met. You and your partner can craft a relationship from the ground up, built on the unique connection that brought you together, allowing you to experience true intimate partnership, without sacrificing yourselves.

Listen to Jesse Johnson on her transformation 
from rocky relationship to happy marriage.

When couples connect as their real, complex, and uncompromising selves, their relationship flourishes.

The majority of unmarried couples I’ve worked with since 2016 are now married. As a result of the newfound commitment and connection they shared during our work, they tied the knot, either while working with me or soon after.

Helping couples co-create a relationship that plays to each of their individual strengths, and is designed to grow even richer and more fulfilling over time, is my mission.

I work with each person in the relationship, both individually and together, to delve deep, and allow them to see their own rightness and their partners too.

I help couples align their actions with their desires, and back them up to succeed in the direction they choose.

Because what two people co-create together surpasses what either of them could ever conceive of or manifest on their own.

Coaching Packages

  • Once we’re clear on your deepest desires for your life and relationship, we will design a coaching package to help you make this inspiring vision your lived reality.
  • Typical packages are priced in the four to multiple five figure range, and include scheduled sessions, email access, and flexible additional support where needed for rapid, lasting change.
  • Longer packages include an optional all expenses paid, transformative in-person coaching retreat, where we will use experiential learning to help you deepen your connection with your partner.

  • We may find that a single, powerful coaching session is all that’s needed to bring about a major shift in your life, along with 30 days of email support as you make it your “new normal.”

I help couples reject expired
ideas about sex and relationships
and co-create a new ideal.

Conventional wisdom about relationships doesn’t cut it anymore.

A generation or two ago, men stepped into their role as providers and protectors, whereas their wives took on the emotional responsibility of the household. But few modern couples follow this template, pull it off, and are happy in it.

This isn’t the only tired paradigm that’s still lingering today. The idea that men want sex and women want love isn’t backed by the numbers. While women are buying vibrators (by the millions) for physical pleasure, and men are watching porn (also by the millions) for the simulated shared human experience.

The truth is, men have easy access to physical pleasure, but what they hunger for is connection. And women have easy access to connection, but they miss out on physical pleasure.

Women prize their careers, have libidos, want the same kind of emotional intelligence from their partners that they possess themselves, and don’t thrive living in their partner’s shadow.

<-(Princess Grace and Prince Rainier were the exact same height in real life.)

Men want a shift, too. Rigidly adhering to the macho, I’m-in-charge script doesn’t cut it anymore-but neither does the accommodating, supportive “sensitive guy” role. Men want a happy partner and would gladly welcome an instruction manual, but it doesn’t exist. They’re tired of feeling like they can’t win. (And fabricated “wins” or false praise from their partner isn’t the answer.)

They’re both tired of fixing each other. They hunger for a new game they can show up to as equals, and play.

I teach couples how to step into a new relationship model, where they can come together as a powerful woman and a confident man. Where she learns to step into her power, own her pleasure, and stop shrinking herself-while he develops his intuition and self-confidence, allowing him to be fully engaged with her. Together, my clients learn to manifest a life that surpasses what either could conceive of alone. women are buying vibrators (by the millions) for physical pleasure, and men are watching porn (also by the millions) for the simulated shared human experience.

After working with me, you'll be able to:


  • Have each other’s backs, always and trust each other implicitly.
  • Create a “virtuous cycle” of generosity and care.
  • Remove weight, baggage, and resentment around your relationship.
  • Use your connection as a trustworthy guide in navigating your relationship.
  • Find your own voice, and learn how to speak up.


  • Have a consistently fulfilling sex life that just keeps getting better.
  • Increase the level of intimacy between you and your partner tenfold.
  • Experience deep joy and gratitude for the connection you have with each other.
  • Deeply understand your own desire and what your body likes.
  • Realize there is more pleasure, empathy, and happiness to be had.


  • Develop an uncanny spidey sense with each other that feels like ESP
  • Remove the mystery, understand each other, and feel like you know what to do.
  • Become each other’s best friends, confidants, and co-conspirators in life.
  • Become more passionate – even learn to disagree passionately, without wreckage.
  • Approach your relationship with less conflict, no agenda, and more curiosity.


  • Have more joy and flow in your relationship by being more authentically yourselves.
  • Communicate, collaborate, and co-create your life together.
  • Expand your view of what’s possible for you.
  • Align your vision for the future with your partner’s by prioritizing your connection.
  • Support each other’s greatness, together and in life.


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