(A relic from my distant past that a friend reminded me of recently)

We tend use cause-and-effect thinking as a way of trying to predict or control the environment.

But we tend to go overboard trying to ascribe cause and effect relationships to everything.

We’re constantly trying to do elaborate forensics to basically come up with our Lucky Shirt formula for success.

But experientially, effect precedes cause.

So a baseball crashes through the window and we look outside and see kids running away, then we come to a bunch of conclusions / reconstruction / assumptions about what happened. We experience the effect, and then identify the cause.

Once you really get this, you can create the effect that will bring about a certain cause.

So if you decide right now that conditions are right for you to be happy and that life is amazing, the universe is more than happy to lend a ton of support to your viewpoint that life is amazing.

Having fun is the best and only way to create a party.

Being the person you would be if you had a BF/GF wakes you up to all the BFs/GFs that are lined up to fill the void.


The back-story is just a construct. It’s created retroactively to support the now. This is how the world works experientially.