Your Relationship THRIVES On Your Connection

Your Relationship THRIVES On Your
Power Pleasure Confidence Intuition Passion Connection

I help couples co-create, bond, have exquisite sex, thrive,
and live happily ever after. (For real)

WHAT CLIENTS are saying...

WHAT CLIENTS are saying...

WHAT CLIENTS are saying...

At the core of every couple is connection.

We all hunger for connection. Even the best, most enriching life is incomplete without it. We’re built for connection—it’s what draws us into relationships.

But let’s be honest: Nobody showed us how to turn a promising relationship into a thriving lifelong partnership.

When that synergy—deep, emotional intimacy, and unapologetic, passionate sex—is missing between you and your partner, it can leave both of you frustrated and lost.

You may experience this as the same fights happening over and over, without a real conclusion. It feels like you’re going through the motions instead of leveling up. It’s like you’re on such different pages about what you want out of your lives, you’re in completely different books.

And frustratingly, sex isn’t exciting you or bringing you closer together. Maybe you don’t orgasm during sex, or you’re rarely having sex at all.

You wonder why your relationship looks so different from what you dreamed of, and whether it’s even worth it. And that thought is upsetting, because you formed your relationship for a reason. 

Connection is the force that
brought you together.

Out of the billions of people on Earth, you chose each other. And your best relationship, the one the two of you are meant to have, is something that’s never been seen before. As it turns out, your differences are precisely what attracted you to each other, and are the key to why you work so well together as a couple. Once you uncover what’s actually at the core of your unique connection, you will… 

Stop fighting like cats and dogs (or stifling your emotions entirely), and invite your passionate nature to fuel your relationship to new heights. Reach a state of true harmony, happiness, and ease.

Become each other’s greatest co-conspirators, have each other’s backs, and grow closer and more intimately bonded as the perfectly imperfect humans you are. Be genuinely respected, valued, and admired by your partner—and feel the same about them.

When you embrace your differences, as well as a collaborative spirit, you can co-create a unique, powerful relationship that leaves you more satisfied than you could have imagined.

You can experience a deep connection to your partner that doesn’t require compromise or plant seeds of resentment… that leads to generous enjoyment of one another in body and mind—from luminous being to luminous being.

This is possible for you.

Meet Ken

I’m Ken Blackman, coach, speaker, educator, and author of the upcoming book, Powerful Woman, Confident Man: The New Art of Loving Passionately and Building a Resilient, Fulfilling Relationship. My life’s work is to guide couples through intimate human connection. Using truth, transparency, and compassion, I show committed couples how to co-create a relationship that uniquely serves them.

With over two decades of experience in intimacy, sex, and relationships, I don’t give standard, off-the-shelf advice. I uphold each partner for who they are as I show them how to solve the problems in their relationship, reach their goals through co-creation, and make full and permanent changes.

Cultivate your unique,
one-in-eight-billion relationship.

You and your partner can have an unbelievably fulfilling relationship.

No more templates or “shoulds.” Instead, discover how to operate from a new, modern model of coupledom: the Powerful Woman and Confidant Man.

You’ll learn to give yourselves unwavering permission to be who you truly are. Your relationship will be better than changing each other to fit an ideal—better than anything you can imagine.

Open the doors to a profound, fulfilling, and life-affirming connection with your partner. 


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