~ Due for release Fall 2017 ~

Powerful Women and Confident Men require a new understanding of intimate relating.

For every woman who’s smart, capable, successful, self-assured, out to accomplish great things in the world… and bucking conventional wisdom that says her greatest strengths, all these superpowers, are somehow at odds with having a great relationship…

For every man who loves a powerful woman, sees the epic life-long partnership this can be, shows up confidently in life and is ready to be the best partner he can be… and has started to rethink everything he thought he knew about relationships…

For all the couples who love each other and have all the necessary ingredients… but know they’re in need of a new recipe

You are in the right place.

Ken Blackman is a sex and relationship expert who has worked with hundreds of couples from San Francisco to Paris to Sydney, and trained thousands of students in his workshops on sex, intimacy and connection. With nearly two decades of experience, Ken’s powerful, unapologetic break from conventional relationship advice is shifting the world conversation around love and committed coupledom.

Interested? Contact Ken at ken@kenblackman.com