Maybe your relationship isn’t suffering from loss of passion… but rather, fear of passion.

Maybe in your attempts to avoid rocking the boat or losing your partner… you lost yourself.

“My goal is not to diminish the raw intensity of intimate relating. My goal is for you both to become adept in the heat of the fire and stay connected, so you can experience all of what you came to relationship for in the first place.”

-Ken Blackman

“In one call...

Ken helped me get clearer than I have been in years around what I want in relationships and my life.”

“I learned...

as much in that one session as I had learned in a year of group classes…”

“Holy sh*t,

what did you do my husband? And how did you accomplish that in one weekend? Amazing! Thank you, thank you!!”

“Ken Blackman...

understands women’s bodies better than most of us do ourselves…”

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